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Fund for a Free South Africa: high value mailing

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Looking good and working very hard: high dollar direct mail from a great cause.

Looking good and working very hard: high dollar direct mail from a great cause.

Outer envelope.  Note the African frieze and the colourful South African postage stamps.  The certificate



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SOFII's view

Apart from its historical value this colourful, beautifully-crafted direct mail appeal package, designed to create maximum impact from a carefully targeted group of potential major donors, is further proof, if it were needed, that it is quite possible to raise $1,000 plus gifts through the mail.

Medium of communication:
Direct mail.

Type of charity:
Human rights & civil liberties, political, social change.

Target audience:
Individuals, major gift.

Country of origin:


Mal Warwick Associates. Copy by Bill Rehm.

Name of exhibitor:
Mal Warwick

Date of first appearance:

Securing large gifts by mail.


The Fund for a Free South Africa was the principal vehicle in the United States to raise money for the ANC’s campaign against apartheid in South Africa. In taking on the challenge to raise money for this high-profile cause, Mal Warwick Associates turned to the technique it had successfully employed for more than a decade in its work for peace, environmental, and human rights causes: ‘high-dollar direct mail’. Using beautifully designed, high-quality packs featuring multiple personalisation and directed at highly selective lists of prospective donors, these high-dollar appeals frequently secured gifts of $1,000 or more, often from first-time donors.

Special Characteristics:

Superior production values.


This was one of the first, perhaps the very first, fundraising letters to be signed by Nelson Mandela following his release from prison in 1990. It sparked a successful ongoing campaign that mobilised significant donor support within the United States for the historic anti-apartheid campaign.

5 page letter error

Dear people from Sofii, first of all thank you so much for your amazing efforts of facilitating and stimulating the sharing of fundraising best practices. Keep up the great work! I was very interested in reading the letter of this appeal, but it seems that the 5 pages are all the same. Is there any way to get not just the first, but all of the 5 pages? Thanks in advance, Anika van den Bergh - Niza/ActionAid

Missing letters

Thanks for pointing this out Anika. Carolina has fixed it now and I accidentally deleted her reply to you. All five pages should be readable now.

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