Dr Barnardo’s Homes: four fundraising greats from the distant past

Dr Bernardo letterDr Thomas Barnardo was one of the Victorian era’s great philanthropists. These archive examples of his personal fundraising style and efforts are a unique treasure for the body of fundraising knowledge and best practice.


International Association to Save Tyre’s million euro raffle

A highly innovative, inspirational campaign - with potential risk. How a charity borrowed €1 million to raise €5 million. 

EveryChild Gift Aid ‘mop-up’ campaign

For any UK charity, reclaiming tax on donations going back the last four years could be a huge windfall. EveryChild’s average Gift Aid claim was £165 per response. 

RNLI online live launch map

The Royal National Lifeboat Association interactive map that gives their donors a 24-hour, every day of every year window into the heart of their mission. 


Tutorial 55 – how to get your outer envelope ripped open!

by Jerry Huntsinger

This new tutorial from Jerry Huntsinger will show you how to get your donors to rip open your envelope in anticipation of your vital message inside.

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A night out at the movies


We know there’s such a lot of great videos worth watching in the world of fundraising, so we’ve put together a summary of the best, just for you (in case you missed them first time round). Please add your ideas too to SOFII’s new W2W showcase.

SOFII’s what to watch
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Five steps to creating corporate partnerships

by Jonathan Andrews

There are hundreds of charities working in partnership with companies, but there are thousands more charities that don’t. Maybe it’s because they don’t know where to start. Here’s a five-step process for creating corporate partnerships.

The fundraiser’s toolkit
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A very angry anagram, nudge, nudge, wink, wink

by Andrew Papworth

Andrew Papworth has been critical of advertisements from Greenpeace in the past. But this one, he says, has chutzpah!

The bad nonprofit ads showcase
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A random sampling of the 62 showcases on

Event fundraising showcase

Charity events are as varied and colourful as fundraising itself. They’re only limited by the imaginations of their organisers and their capacity to make things happen against all odds. But in many markets the costs of running events are rising and competition for donors' interest and participation is fierce, not to mention competition for their funds. In this section you will find details of some of the world’s most original and effective events. Tour this showcase now.

The Jerry Huntsinger tutorials

iconThis special showcase within the direct mail section of SOFII comprises a complete series of tutorials from the dean of direct mail fundraising, the USA’s legendary Jerry Huntsinger. In 86 parts this insightful, practical series is building, over time, into the complete step-by-step guide to direct mail fundraising. Tour this showcase now.




Combining campaigning and fundraising showcase

iconCampaigns and fundraising are often uncomfortable bedfellows. In some organisations, these two inextricably interlinked activities barely communicate with each other and when they do they often seem to be pulling in different directions. But when campaigners and fundraisers work well together the results can be extraordinary. And when donors are given the chance to be campaigners too, and vice versa, they invariably prove to be your organisation’s best supporters of all. This is where you’ll find examples of campaigners and fundraisers working well together. Tour this showcase now.

The ‘best of the best’ showcase

Many times we’ve been asked ‘How do I find the very best of SOFII’s exhibits?’ So look no further, the best of the best are right here. This section honours fundraisers who have really made a difference by creating campaigns that have changed the way we do what we do. If you know of a fundraising promotion or campaign that really was an industry game-changer, please submit it today to be considered for a place amongst the best of the best.
Tour this showcase now.

Celebrating the donor

iconA small showcase at the moment, but we hope it will grow rapidly, because we should be celebrating those wonderful people called donors. Tour this showcase now.

Press advertising ‘off the page’

iconThough it has declined in importance for fundraisers in recent years there are many markets where there’s impressive potential for press advertising to make a significant comeback. This section features some of the most effective press advertising of all time, from the great Amnesty and Oxfam ads of yesteryear to today’s stunning ads for Bhopal. Tour this showcase now.

SOFII in Italian

Thanks to Tiziana Fattori, our ambassador in Italy, we can now offer you SOFII exhibits translated into Italian. Enjoy! If you’d like to see more please get in touch and help us translate the rest.

Tour this showcase now.



Last chance to change the world: the legacies (bequests) showcase

Please treat this section with respect. For if within these pages you can find out how to increase your share of the massive legacy (more commonly referred to as bequests in North America) income that seems to fall each year from heaven above into fundraisers’ laps, you’ll have done well indeed. So, this is the place where you’ll find some of the best ideas worth borrowing, truly the all-time greats of legacy marketing. Tour this showcase now.

Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought Of That 2013 – OUIWITOT London 2013

The second IWITOT in London took a storytelling theme with Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought of That. This time 20 hand-picked speakers from different parts of the fundraising sector tell the story of a single fundraising idea that they admire or envy in just seven minutes each. Here are the ideas presented on the day. Tour this showcase now.

Emergency Fundraising showcase

At times of emergency, fundraisers have to move quickly, placing appeals within hours rather than the traditional days or weeks. If you are a fundraiser in an organisation where disaster response is a possible, if not a guaranteed, certainty it will pay you to develop and put in place a robust disaster response strategy. In today’s tumultuous times, this is a showcase that should not be overlooked. Tour this showcase now.


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