Bhopal Medical Appeal: B’Eau Pal publicity stunt: don’t go near the water!

Don’t go near the water: 25 years after the world’s worst ever man-made disaster, B’EauPal shows that effective political campaigning takes ’bottle’ (a commonly used London term for courageous risk-taking). This is a classic opportunistic protest in a good cause.


Macmillan Cancer Care and Bethesda Hospice: meet Etta Macleod, an extraordinary fundraiser

Etta Macleod personifies the unsung heroes of the fundraising world: the courageous tireless volunteers who raise millions of pounds for their favourite causes. Etta’s fundraising is unconventional and a pleasure to witness.

Motor Neurone Disease Association – John’s journey

This story is powerful, inspiring, direct, humbling and honest.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: ‘secret suppers’

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home struck gold with a marvellous and original idea to show their urgent need to wealthy donors. 


The fundraising climate: a consumer confidence update

by Andrew Papworth

Do you agree with Andrew Papworth when he says that fundraisers are going to find it tough for the foreseeable future? Here on SOFII you’ll find his thoughts on the latest consumer confidence survey

Opinion pieces
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Monday was the day of the IWITOT ‘I Want To Talk At That’ audition

Move over all those talent shows on television screens all over the world – SOFII’s first every auditions to find fresh talent for IWITOT took place this week. Check out the results here.

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How the suffragettes became one of the most successful brands ever

by Aline Reed

You might be surprised to know that one of the most successful branding exercises ever was performed by the first suffragettes in Britain. They were, of course, notorious for their demonstrations of bravery, but also for the splendid ways they raised huge amounts of money to promote equality for women everywhere. One woman was so inspired that she donated £1000 a year – £80,000 in today’s value, to be paid until women were given the vote. You’ll find out lots more here. 

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Tutorial 56 – strategy for the small organisation

by Jerry Huntsinger

Are you trying to raise money for a small charity? Worried that you can’t compete with the ‘big boys’? Then head over to this latest tutorial from that other eminent fundraiser Jerry Huntsinger and you will find that you actually have some advantages over larger organisations – who might also find something useful.

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A random sampling of the 62 showcases on

Stemming donor attrition showcase

iconEvery single fundraiser wants regular donors and lots of them. It certainly takes skill to attract donors in the first place, but it can take even more talent and expertise to ensure they remain faithful to you and your cause. In this showcase, we bring you some examples of how fundraisers have admirably converted random gift givers into steadfast supporters. Tour this showcase now.

The membership showcase

iconMembers equal strength, power and voice, but members can also be difficult and inconvenient. Having members can give validity to your campaigns and make those in power sit up and pay attention. But members also take maintenance and can be very demanding. They can be disruptive and distracting. However, many organisations wouldn’t be without their members for the world. Membership is unlikely to be the best course for all organisations, but might it be right for you? Tour this showcase now.

Low-cost donor recruitment showcase

iconoFinding the required magic on a tight budget – surely an even bigger challenge! But in this showcase, we’ve found fundraisers who not only managed it, they excelled it. Tour this showcase now.

Brilliant use of video

iconIn this section, you will currently find some excellent examples of videos that have not only helped to raise funds but also awareness. Watch and feel inspired. Tour this showcase now.

Telephone fundraising

iconInformation for this section is currently being prepared and will be added to the site soon. But you can still have a look at the partially completed section. Tour this showcase now.

Publications showcase

iconIt’s vitally important for fundraisers to be effective communicators and most fundraisers realise that to be any good at communication it takes two – the publisher and the reader. This section explores the highs and lows of fundraising communication. Within these pages you will find many of the most instructive and inspirational examples of how to communicate with power and passion the urgency of your cause and what a difference readers can make when they get involved. Tour this showcase now.

Excellence in communications showcase

iconWords and pictures combined together in the right way by a talented professional. Fundraising is the inspiration business and to inspire we have to communicate very effectively. Few things matter more to fundraisers than developing competence across a range of professional communications skills. In this showcase we present some brilliant examples of fundraising and campaigning communications for you to copy and learn from. Tour this showcase now.


Major donor fundraising

iconAs fundraisers increasingly come to realise the potential of individual major donor fundraising, this is one of SOFII’s most visited showcases. There are some great ideas and examples here, now, and the section is growing constantly. Tour this showcase now.

The creative copy clinic

Inexpensive donor involvement ideas showcase

iconInvolving donors with your fundraising is an excellent way to raise awareness and to make the donor feel like part of something special. And, more often than not, it can be an effective way to increase income. Click into this showcase to see a small selection of the variety of ways in which fundraisers have imaginatively involved their donors with their cause. Tour this showcase now.

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