Dogs Trust (sponsor a dog)

 One of the most imaginative, instructive adaptations of the concept fundraisers have dubbed ‘the best fundraising proposition of all time’.


International Association to Save Tyre’s million euro raffle

A highly innovative, inspirational campaign - with potential risk. How a charity borrowed €1 million to raise €5 million. 

EveryChild Gift Aid ‘mop-up’ campaign

For any UK charity, reclaiming tax on donations going back the last four years could be a huge windfall. EveryChild’s average Gift Aid claim was £165 per response. 

RNLI online live launch map

The Royal National Lifeboat Association interactive map that gives their donors a 24-hour, every day of every year window into the heart of their mission. 


I wish I’d thought of SOFII

by Charlie Hulme

Charlie Hulme blows SOFII’s trumpet as he berates fundraisers for, among other things, a shocking lack of vocation.

But is he right? We couldn’t possibly comment, of course. The views of the author are, quite obviously, solely his own…

Opinion pieces
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Magic moments part two: how some of the world’s best causes got started.

by Aline Reed and Ken Burnett

SOFII casts its spotlight on the early instants of inspiration that gave rise to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Greenpeace, Centrepoint, Freedom from Torture, NSPCC, the Fred Hollows Foundation and University College London. 

The SOFII History Project
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Tutorial 55 – how to get your outer envelope ripped open!

by Jerry Huntsinger

This new tutorial from Jerry Huntsinger will show you how to get your donors to rip open your envelope in anticipation of your vital message inside.

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A night out at the movies


We know there’s such a lot of great videos worth watching in the world of fundraising, so we’ve put together a summary of the best, just for you (in case you missed them first time round). Please add your ideas too to SOFII’s new W2W showcase.

SOFII’s what to watch
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A random sampling of the 62 showcases on

Celebrating the donor

iconA small showcase at the moment, but we hope it will grow rapidly, because we should be celebrating those wonderful people called donors. Tour this showcase now.

Corporate and commercial fundraising showcase

Fundraisers are becoming increasingly professional and sophisticated when it comes to forming partnerships with commercial organisations and also when raising money from them. Corporate donors now are expressing growing interest in what fundraisers have to offer in terms of mutual benefit for their marketing objectives and as they seek to fulfil their obligations in terms of their corporate social responsibility. Is corporate fundraising all it’s cracked up to be? Are companies the best route to the many thousands of potential individual donors that they employ? If so, how should you go about fundraising from the corporate sector and where are the best opportunities? Tour this showcase now.

Formats, offers, propositions and products showcase

iconThe priority ranks as follows: audience, offer, format, creative. The format you choose for your fundraising promotion is pretty important but not as significant as a good product or proposition. A fundraising ‘product’ is a clearly defined and readily understood scheme or plan that donors can subscribe to or join. There is usually a fixed entry price or range of prices, often monthly. In return for this, donors will receive clearly described benefits, even if these are intangible or are enjoyed by a third party. Tour this showcase now.

Low-cost donor recruitment showcase

iconoFinding the required magic on a tight budget – surely an even bigger challenge! But in this showcase, we’ve found fundraisers who not only managed it, they excelled it. Tour this showcase now.

Major donor fundraising

iconAs fundraisers increasingly come to realise the potential of individual major donor fundraising, this is one of SOFII’s most visited showcases. There are some great ideas and examples here, now, and the section is growing constantly. Tour this showcase now.

Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought Of That 2013 – OUIWITOT London 2013

The second IWITOT in London took a storytelling theme with Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought of That. This time 20 hand-picked speakers from different parts of the fundraising sector tell the story of a single fundraising idea that they admire or envy in just seven minutes each. Here are the ideas presented on the day. Tour this showcase now.

Electronic fundraising

iconAs fundraisers increasingly come to realise the potential of individual major donor fundraising, this is one of SOFII’s most visited showcases. There are some great ideas and examples here, now, and the section is growing constantly. Tour this showcase now.

Combining campaigning and fundraising showcase

iconCampaigns and fundraising are often uncomfortable bedfellows. In some organisations, these two inextricably interlinked activities barely communicate with each other and when they do they often seem to be pulling in different directions. But when campaigners and fundraisers work well together the results can be extraordinary. And when donors are given the chance to be campaigners too, and vice versa, they invariably prove to be your organisation’s best supporters of all. This is where you’ll find examples of campaigners and fundraisers working well together. Tour this showcase now.

Inserts and bounce-backs

iconInserts fall between press and direct mail. Loose or bound in, they will always be significantly more expensive thanoff-the-page advertising so they have to work much harder. As they can't be precisely targeted they are less flexible than direct mail but they’re very much less expensive too. This showcase shows why inserts work, and what you have to do to make them work for you. Tour this showcase now.

Face-to-face fundraising showcase

iconFor many organisations face-to-face or street fundraising has proved to be the most cost-effective way of recruiting large numbers of new monthly donors. But there are problems and challenges too. Many lessons have been learned around the world since face-to-face fundraising first became popular, and this showcase seeks to capture these and share them with you. Editorial for this section is currently being prepared and updated. But why not click the link and have a look anyway? Tour this showcase now.

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